Needle felting helped me enormously when it came to designing the characters of my Kiruna book. The methodical process of felting gave me the time to deliberate over certain details and also acts as a great reference when it comes to sketching the character out on paper.
Embroidery is an interesting way of adding depth and texture to some pieces of work. I love the tactile nature of the images and the added dimension of connection that comes from the feel of the thread.
My experiments with ceramics have come from a curiosity to explore more tactile media and to allow my work to go through a different design process to reach it's conclusion. Making models has a way of bringing life to illustrations; it makes them touchable and open to interpretation from a variety of angles.
During the first lockdown I decided to try and make my own paper and charcoal at home! The idea really came from a wish to be closer to the outdoors and to bring the forest into my work in a deeper sense than just the images I was drawing. It did make me feel that bit more connected to a larger natural cycle. This is the process from beginning to end, from raw materials to the drawings themselves. 
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